TCMS - Tri-Catenary Mooring System

The flexibility of the tri-catenary mooring system offers independent operators a reliable mooring and production solution for offshoremarginal fields.
The opportunity to deploy the tcms mooring systemquickly and cost-effectively compared with traditional mooring systems presents a compelling case for operators wishing to maximise fieldproduction and profitability.

‘Didon TCMS‘ 10 year anniversary March 17

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FPSO mooring in marginal fields

TCMS mooring fly through

Past Projects

PA Resources Project

Services provided: Engineering / Mooring team / rigging container c/w equipment / spooler and riser.

TruAxis Project

Services provided: Supply of Spooling equipment, installation rigging team .

PetroSA Project

Services provided: Supply of 500mt of Manuli riser. Spooling equipment / buoyancy / Riser design – analysis.

Kris Energy Project

Services provided: Project design, Supply of 4km of 4” and 6” Manuli hose . Buoyancy and inserts, Rigging supervision.

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